Meet Dale Buchanan

Dale Buchanan is a Professional Dog Trainer at Top Gun Dog Training and host of the Puppy Talk Podcast.  He has trained over 1000 puppies in his career. Dale regularly contributes to many national publications, providing his expertise for articles, news stories, and blog posts.  

Dale has also written three best selling puppy training books available on Amazon.

His training methods consist of combining classical and operant conditioning using positive reinforcement. Dale follows the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) Effective Behavior Intervention Policy, as explained on this page here.  

Methods Dale Uses For Obedience Training:

  • Positive Reinforcement - Good behavior, followed by a reward
  • Clicker Training - Marking a behavior with sound, followed by a reward.
  • Relationship-Based Training - Using dog communication (not words) to strengthen the bond.

Dale's Qualifications

Dale has earned a CDTK (Certified in Dog Training Knowledge) through the Master Course as well as a Certificate in Dog Training and Behavior through the Core Skills Course at Catch Canine Trainers Academy.  

Continuing Education 2020-2022

  • International Dog Trainers Winter Summit - December 2020
  • Aggression in Dogs Conference - October 2020
  • Aggression in Dogs Master Course - Certificate of Completion from Michael Shikashio of
  • Dog Trainers Coaching People Virtual Summit - Certificate of Completion from PetWorking Pro
  • Working with Fearful Dogs - webinar taught by Teoti Anderson
  • Noise Phobia - webinar taught by Lore Haug