Discover a simple and effective method for loose-leash walking your puppy.


This 2 Hour Online Course Includes 7 Modules and 40 lessons, including:

  • How to develop good leash manners

  • The importance of the puppy walk

  • Proper mindset for leash training

  • Managing leash reactivity

  • Leash training drills

  • The three types of puppy walks

  • The best leash training equipment


Walking your puppy on a loose leash (no tugging or reacting to stimulus) is one of the most desirable behaviors for every puppy owner.

But unfortunately, a tiny percentage of puppy owners ever achieve this goal. The main reasons are improper technique, lack of training, and the wrong equipment.

Leash Training Your Puppy goes way beyond the basics and gets into advanced leash handling techniques that integrate basic dog obedience into the walk to ensure your puppy stays focused on you and under control.


Proper leash training requires a commitment to learn the skills and follow through with daily practice.

The video below is a segment from one of the lessons on The Leash Training Drills


I use positive reinforcement to train puppies using high-value food rewards and a lot of praise


Follow the guidelines in this course for the best results. The timing of the reinforcement is crucial, and the reward must be something that the puppy will love.

This 2 Hour Online Course Includes 7 Modules and 40 lessons 

  • What is loose leash walking?

  • Leash training and puppy vaccines

  • The benefits of loose leash walking

  • Leash Training Equipment

  • The three types of puppy walks

  • Proper puppy leash manners

  • Proper mindset for leash training

  • How to hold the leash

  • Introducing the leash to your puppy

  • Leash training tips

  • Walking your puppy on a loose leash

  • How to use obedience on the walk

  • 5 leash training drills

  • Creating a leash training schedule

  • Over 70 minutes of video lessons

  • BONUS! - Audiobook - Leash Training Your Puppy (55 min)

What Our Clients Are Saying!

"Dale is the best! We did the basic puppy training for our golden retriever starting when he was 10 weeks old and it was more than worth it!"

- Kristin R.

"I would absolutely, 100% recommend Dale and if the need should ever arise we'd definitely use his services again!" Thank you Dale!

- Eric R.

"We were very impressed with Dale’s knowledge. He taught us how to teach our Weimaraner puppy to follow commands and our lead."

- Stacey H.

About Your Instructor

My name is Dale, and I am a Professional Dog Trainer and the host of the Puppy Talk Podcast. I regularly contribute to many national publications, providing my expertise for articles, news stories, and blog posts.

In 2008, while living in Florence, AL, I rescued this amazing 3-month-old Lab Husky Mix named Spaulding. After working with many top dog trainers in AL and FL and using the tools learned to train Spaulding, I took several professional Dog Trainer Certification Courses and started my own dog training business.

I specialize in Puppy Obedience Training and have successfully trained over 1100 puppies in my career through my highly successful puppy training program. I love working with people to help them raise a happy, healthy, and obedient puppy.

In 2020 I earned a CDTK (Certified in Dog Training Knowledge) through the Master Course as well as a Certificate in Dog Training and Behavior through the Core Skills Course at Catch Canine Trainers Academy.

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